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artioKLICK sparks the enthusiasm for gemstone faceting.



We brought artioKLICK to live, in order to allow beginners and advanced learners to get into the gemstone faceting. Doing this we connect the over 500 years old tradition of gemstone cutting with the most modern and precise technique. There is no previous knowledge necessary for the practice, but just the joy the feel your own creativity.

Your personal success in a little while are perfectly cut gemstones!



We are: a professional pegboard grinder, a lovely account manager, a lively chipping expert and an agile project manager. We support our customers from the early purchase advisory service and courses to any occurring doubt. Our aim is to fulfill every individual customer wish. We are looking forward to being contacted by you!

Bernd Cullmann  (Creative Director)


​1939 born in Idar-Oberstein, gemstone grinder in the 3rd generation   

1960 Olympia winner in Rom with the 4x100m relay

1965 master degree

Nine years manager of the corporate practical education for gemstone grinders in Idar-Oberstein.

References: Faceting demonstrations in California, Zurich, London, Vancuver, Berlin, Paris, Munique, etc.

Contact: cullmann-cut[at]

Special Highlight: New York, "50 Years Rhineland-Palatinate" with Julia Klöckner and Johann Lafer

Bruni Meyer-Cullmann (Account Manager and Logistics)

Manfred Schütz (Engineering and Manufacturing)

Felix Roth (Project Management and Purchasing)


​1990 born in Idar-Oberstein, Quality engineer at Robert Bosch GmbH

Grandson of Bernd Cullmann



The faceting head with artioKLICK and angle transmitter allows you to concentrate completely on the grinding itself. In comparison to other faceting heads you hear and feel the "CLICK" when it comes automatically to the next facet without manual adjustments. With this technique alle gemstone cuts are reproducable, even fantasy cuts.

View into the manufacturing

In the professional workshop of Manfred Schütz in Homburg (Saar) thee first ideas arose, then various prototypes until the final version. Plenty of German suppliers for electric installations, CNC-parts and coating are supporting our project.




  • Faceting head: artioKLICK faceting head incl. 4 index discs for first cuts, digital angle transmitter and mast (ca. 2900€ plus VAT)

  • Grinding table: Grinding table incl. removable legs, speed adjustment, grinding box (ca. 1600€ plus VAT)


Depending on customer needs additonally:

  • Second angle transmitter (for fantasy cuts)  400€ plus VAT

  • Courses by Bernd Cullmann 2h for 30€

  • Additional index discs: If already in our portfolio 95€ plus VAT, or if to be designed ca. 295€ plus VAT


The accessories like grinding discs or material for gemstone cementation is not part of our sales, but we gladly recommend competent suppliers.


Delivery time starting with initial payment: approx. 10 weeks (unfree per with delivery company or self-collector)

The mentioned prices are not binding and are subject to any changes and improvements! Binding offers can only be requested via the contact formular below!


Contact us!


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Artio Edelsteinschleiferei und Schleifausrüstung

Atzenbach 1

55743 Idar-Oberstein

Thanks a lot for your attention!

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